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Purchasing the Bella Behavior Label System (pat. pend.)

Are you looking for a way to have your staff to be consistent in their handling and rewarding of patients to get the best behavior out of the patient?

The Bella Behavior Label System (pat. pend.) is an easy to learn, immediate use, natural approach to documenting and scoring the rewards for each patient that is a part of the medical record.

This system will enable your staff to work more efficiently in a team approach, improving the pet’s experience and client’s experience.

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Getting Everyone on Board

Score rewards for your easy patients – Start with pets that accept rewards easily and score the label. This will insure happy exams since everyone will follow the label.

Score rewards for more difficult patients - As your staff gains confidence by using the system, start to score the rewards that help those challenging pets. You will see the difference consistent, positive handling brings.

Following the label leads to consistent care – Less wriggling or resisting – less growls or hisses – less scratches or bites. When the system is used, you will see the difference. If staff is not using the system – make your management decisions. Your patients depend on it.

Lead the trend in having a patient centered practice - Use the Bella Behavior Label System (pat. pend) to put your patient first. Periodic updates will be sent to you. Additional months of support available.

For Offices

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The kit includes:

  • 3-ring indexed binder
  • instructional book
  • 200 pre-printed labels
  • additional in clinic body language photo pages
  • resource pages, technique pages
  • CD containing downloadable software
  • one month of online support

Each kit costs $279.00 plus Shipping and Handling.
Available for a limited time at a special introductory price of $219.00

Replacement stickers

Replacement stickers are always available for your Bella Behavior Label System (pat. pend.)

Receive 200 more stickers for your Bella Behavior Label System

$65.00 plus Shipping and Handling

Replacement Labels

Tax Exempt Sales

Monthly Support

With the purchase of the label system your staff can contact us by e-mail with any question you have. Continued monthly support is available for learning less stressful handling techniques, additional ways to use rewarding in your office and for home care, as well as other ways to help your staff focus on the patient to improve client compliance and customer service. Updates to the system, tips and technique posts will also be included in the additional support. Coaching for new staff will also be available.

Monthly support is a $25 per month recurring charge.
You will need to create a PayPal account (if you do not have one) at checkout for this item.