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Bella Behavior Label System (pat. pend.) for Pet Owners

Pet owners can now take advantage of the great results of using the Bella Behavior Label System (pat. pend.) in thier own homes!

The kit includes:

  • instructional booklet
  • pet folder with labels for recording rewards for home treatments
  • pet bandana for calming sprays
  • additional labels
  • one month online support

Each kit costs $27.95 plus $6.95 Shipping and Handling

Additional pet folders with bandana and extra labels: $7.95 plus $1.95 s/h

Monthly Support

With the purchase of the label system pet owners can contact us by e-mail with any question you have. Continued monthly support is available for learning less stressful handling techniques, additional ways to use rewarding for home care, and more. Updates to the system, tips and technique posts will also be included in the additional support.

Monthly support is a $25 per month recurring charge.
You will need to create a PayPal account (if you do not have one) at checkout for this item.