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Happy Staff

Consistency from the staff in offering the right rewards for a particular pet really helps to insure that every exam goes better than the last.

Approximately 95% of workman compensation injuries at the veterinary office are due to bites and scratches from animals (avma-plit). Frightened animals bite and scratch far more often than calm, happy animals that know good things will come from the veterinarian. Rewards reduce fear.

The Bella Behavior Label System (pat. pend.) allows your staff to achieve this easily and quickly. Rewards are easily customized for your patient and you will know as soon as you look at the record. Low stress exams mean more complete exams and more profit while decreasing costs due to staff injury.

Debbie easily controls Bella, who used to hate her nail trim and now likes it with the help of peanut butter. Leeza no longer worries about getting scratched or bit when it comes to weighing pets.