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Upcoming Events

Are you tired of aggressive patients in your office?  Do you want to have fewer staff injuries?  It is possible when you know what to do. Attend the 3 part webinar series on rewarding during the exam to have a low stress exam.   Each webinar earns 1 hour of RACE CE.

May 10 -  Putting your patient First ---what is low stress handling and rewarding?  How do you do this and why 

May 17 – Consistency is key --  How to record and score the rewards to have the fastest, most effective way to getting better behavior from your patients

May 21 – Polishing up your handling skills – Little things mean a lot to animals.  Learn how to refine your body language, tone of voice and manner to get the best from your patients. 

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Past Events

"Thursday in the dog house"

Dr. Foote will be interviewed Thursday July 28 at 9 am (CST) /10 am EST by Karen Fazio APDT, writer and co host of “Thursday in the dog house” on wnjc1360 am radio.  Follow this link to listen to the interview on the web!

“Put your patient first – rewarding during the veterinary exam”

Presented by Dr. Sally J. Foote
June 2, 2011, 6 pm, Hawthorne Suites, Champaign, IL

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Putting Your Patient First
Mar 31 2011 1:00PM CST

In this first webinar, I give an overview of how veterinarians and their staff have learned and applied basic restraint techniques based on force and physical restriction. I also review the development of practice methods and the way that newer non force techniques are transcending old techniques for a better patient experience. I point out benefits to staff, patients and clients, stressing staff safety and client acceptance. I review the techniques in a step by step manner for the front office staff, technicians, and DVM to use to help get the best behavior out of their patients for exams. Many photos are used to illustrate what actually happens in the clinic setting to help the attendees see how this is done. References are given to texts and other information to help further study. One attendee will win a Bella Behavior Label System (pat.pend.)!

Consistency Is Key Documentation and Score
Apr 14 2011 1:00PM CST

In the second webinar I educate the attendees on the importance of documenting the reinforcers or rewards for the veterinary exam for that particular patient. The consistency of handling between different staff once the rewards are knows is very important and carefully outlined. The continued building of better behavior in that pet is also stressed, by a consistent reliant setting for the exam no matter who the handler or doctor. A method for documenting the rewards or reinforcers is outlined. The labeling system is a patent pending system for documenting various possible reinforcers and other modifiers to make the best experience possible for a given patient. This label can be affixed to a physical medical record to be visible for all staff to see and follow. The benefits of documentation are outlined also. One attendee will win a Bella Behavior Label System (pat.pend.)!

Polishing Up Positive Reinforcement Techniques For Veterinarians
Apr 7 2011 1:00PM CST

Positive reinforcement during the veterinary exam is a skill that is practiced and refined. Different factors that affect the response of the animal to the handler and veterinarian are outlined and explained how to modify to improve patient responses. The effect of human body language, physical appearance, emotional states, and tone of voice on the response of the animal is outlined. Emphasis is put on the development of observing more subtle body language cues from dogs and cats with photos. Integrating the interpretation of the animal's body language and the human's response is also outlined. Additional methods of handling and restraint for decreasing stress in animals are outlined. Resources for further reading are given at the end of the webinar. One attendee will win a Bella Behavior Label System (pat.pend.)!