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Bella Behavior Label System (pat. pend)

Discover the medical record system that improves pet behavior, reduces staff injury, and improves client compliance.

Bella Behavior Label System

HAPPY PETS: Customized rewards through out the veterinary visit brings out the best in your patient.

HAPPY STAFF: Consistent staff handling leads to less scratching or biting when everyone knows this pet’s rewards.

HAPPY OWNERS: Owners know that you care when they see you using the preferred reward of their pet. You treat them special.

Bring it together with the Bella Behavior Label System (pat. pend)

Public Speaking & Consultation

The Speaker series includes a host of topics developed to address key issues vets, pets and owners encounter. Many of my programs are accredited for RACE continuing education credits, providing additional value to participants.

Question & Answer Session -
University of Illinois

Currently, Dr. Sally J. Foote is one of the few American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) veterinarians accepting behavior consults south of I-80 in Illinois. She also holds additional accreditation as a Certified Feline Behavior Consultant (CFBC-IAABC).

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